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Go with the flow… in true Dutch style

Taking to the waterways and two wheels simply makes sense in the Low Countries – there seems to be great rivers, canals, lakes and waterways almost everywhere and Holland is one of Europe’s most bike friendly countries, boasting twice as many bikes and cars.  

Stay on the water

With an historic Dutch barge, comfortable riverboat or even a magnificent sailing ship as your floating hotel, you’ll soon see Holland and Belgium from a different angle. Enjoy the gentle journey, the panoramic views and the real comfort and convenience of travelling to different places without needing to keep re-packing your things!

What’s more, as your ship cruises or sails from tour destination to tour destination, there’s plenty of opportunity to hop on a bike if you wish and discover the heritage highlights and lovely local landscapes on either a self-guided or guided cycle tour.

Voyages of discovery

Sail around Holland’s historic cities of the Dutch Golden Age. Island hop along the Wadden See from Texel to Vlieland. Cruise past windmills and the greenest polders or along the beautiful Schelde. Drift down into Flanders and arrive in Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges in style. It’s a unique experience and one you’re sure to treasure as much as the places you discover. And if you choose a sailing ship adventure, you might even get to help on the ropes if you like as well as test your sea-legs!   

At Holland-by-Bike we offer classic sail, boat and barge tours featuring a variety of vessels with cabins and on board facilities ranging from comfortable to really rather luxurious. All our bike and boat holidays operate on a full board basis with breakfast and an evening meal on board prepared by the experienced crew and a packed lunch to accompany your day rides on the bike. In the evenings, there is often a chance to explore the towns or cities where the vessel is moored overnight.