Cycling Holiday Holland Boat & Bike

Frequently asked questions: Bike & Boat holidays

How easy will the cycling be?

Cycling along the canals in the flat Low Countries is pretty straight forward! Nevertheless we've graded our cycle tours, so that you can choose exactly the right bike tour for you. The majority of our cycling holidays in Holland and Belgium are on the ‘Nice & Easy’ or ‘Easy to Moderate’ end of the scale and are suitable for people of all ages and cycling experience with reasonable fitness.

Nice & Easy:  Short, gentle cycle rides, touring in flat terrain along mostly paved minor roads and paved cycle paths without any gradients of note. Some small and short ascents only in areas where there are drainage dykes and bridges.

Easy to Moderate: Gentle cycling tours in mainly flat terrain with some gentle hills, but no long or steep ascents. Individual stages of the cycle ride are generally short with some longer stages.

Intermediate: Cycle tours in terrain varying from flat to hilly. More suitable for people who cycle regularly (or for people who cycle only occasionally and don’t mind getting off to push up a hill!)

Experienced:  Cycle tours in hilly terrain with some steeper and longer ascents. Suitable for the experienced cyclist. (Not applicable in Holland!)

Challenging: Cycle tours for fit and dedicated cycling experts in mountainous terrain with a change of ascents and downhill stretches including some exhausting stages. (Certainly not something you’ll encounter in Holland – but it makes us all appreciate how wonderfully gentle the cycling is in the Low Countries!)

If have questions about levels of our tours or are planning to travel with children and would like more information about tour level and bike facilities available to accommodate your party, please get in touch. 

What do I need to wear for my cycle tour?

Cycling shorts (with a padded seat even!) are a good idea if you have them, and cycling gloves too. We'd also recommend a warm jumper or fleece for the evenings and fresher days. Please don't forget to bring protection against the wind and rain as well such as a rain jacket and over-trousers.

Is there a special dress code on board?

No, just dress the way you feel most comfortable. The atmosphere on board is relaxed, not formal at all - more sporty and casual. That said, guests are requested to dress respectfully for supper (which basically means no shorts or beachwear ... or bare chests thank you gentlemen!)

One of my party doesn't fancy the cycling. Can they just stay on board for the whole tour?

Yes, if you don't want to cycle, you can gladly stay on board, but please be aware that there are no planned activities for those who wish to do this, so they will need to entertain themselves. 
If on any of the days you don't feel like cycling and would prefer simply to relax for a day in between cycle tours, you're welcome to just stay on board and take it easy on deck or in the lounge. A friendly and committed crew will look forward to welcoming you on board and look after you during your Boat & Bike stay.

What do I do, if I have a problem with my bike?

All our rental bicycles are regularly maintained, robust and comfortable, so a bicycle breakdown is rare. Neverthelss, should you have a problem with your rental bike which you cannot fix yourself, please contact the tour guide so that they can try to solve the problem as quickly as possible. If necessary, you may have to contact the nearest cycle mechanic (fietsenmaker), but don't worry, you'll find a bicycle repair shop in almost every place and every city. And in all places with the 'Fietsers Welkom!' (Cyclists welcome!) seal of approval, there are suitable tools and bicycle pumps available for use. If your repair is too difficult to carry out, you can be sure that someone will certainly know where the next repair shop is!

I'd like to travel with my own e-bike. Can I charge the battery on board?

You can charge the battery for your e-bike through the power socket in your cabin. If you need assistance, please contact your tour guide. There are also an increasing number of public electrical charging points for e-bikes in Holland.

Can I charge my mobile, laptop or other devices on board?

Each cabin has a 220-V-socket (two pin euro plug) where you can charge your phone and other devices. Guests from the UK should remember to bring a UK to European travel adapter plug to use with all your electrical devices.

Can you cater for my special dietary requirements?

Please let us know if you are vegetarian so that we can cater for you. Should you have food intolerances of any kind, please inform us of your needs. The chef will do his best to take this into consideration, but it should be noted that the possibilities can be limited on a ship.

What are the payment conditions and how can I pay?

A deposit of 15-30% is payable after booking. The final payment is due 30 days before departure. The dates of payment will be detailed in the booking confirmation which you will received from us.

What does 'minimum number of participants' mean?

Our Bike & Boat tours require a minimum number of secure bookings for each departure to go ahead. In the very unlikely case that this number was not achieved up to 4 weeks before departure, we will regrettably have to cancel the tour. In this situation, Holland-by-Bike will offer you an alternative tour if possible and you have the choice to accept this or receive back all your money back you have paid to us. Please note however refunds cannot be given on any flights which have already been booked. 

On a Bike & Sail holiday how fixed is the sailing schedule?

Every Bike & Sail tour is a little bit of an adventure: the only thing which is really fixed on this cruise is the departure from and arrival back in the harbour. Various parts of the tour will be sailed. Sailing routes are decided largely according to the weather and wind conditions and the tides. The skipper will determine from day to day the exact sailing schedule and will discuss route options with the guests. The skipper and his crew will do everything they can to provide the programme as planned, so you can enjoy a fascinating week with a variety of activities, nature and culture, but there is a possibility that the departure and sailing times and/or the order of the programme has to be changed. The secret is just to enjoy yourself and relax - and let the elements take the lead!