Cycling in Holland

Frequently asked questions: Hotel & Cycling Tours

What's a 'self-guided' tour?

A 'self-guided' tour simply means that you get to cycle at your own pace, with the members of your own party, not in an organised group. You will have all the route directions, descriptions and detailed mapping to help you on your way, so it's easy to be your own guide. It's a great formula which gives you lots of flexibility to stop when you want, to enjoy what you want and have your very own, unique cycling experience. So whatever you wish to do, you can feel free to do it, whether it's stop for a picnic, admire the landscape, relax over a spot of sightseeing or take that all important selfie!

It's worth knowing that in Holland, there are different sorts of cycle route signs. When it comes to scenic routes, follow the bicycle signs for your chosen cycle route at the junctions. For the shortest way from A to B, follow the red signs and for longer stages, there are the national cycle routes or LF routes. These signs are consistent all over the country, so it's very easy to find your way.

How easy will the cycling be?

We’ve graded our cycle tours, so that you can choose exactly the right bike tour for you. The majority of our cycling holidays in Holland and Belgium are on the ‘Nice & Easy’ or ‘Easy to Moderate’ end of the scale and are suitable for people of all ages and cycling experience with reasonable fitness.

Nice & Easy:  Short, gentle cycle rides, touring in flat terrain along mostly paved minor roads and paved cycle paths without any gradients of note. Some small and short ascents only in areas where there are drainage dykes and bridges.

Easy to Moderate: Gentle cycling tours in mainly flat terrain with some gentle hills, but no long or steep ascents. Individual stages of the cycle ride are generally short with some longer stages.

Intermediate: Cycle tours in terrain varying from flat to hilly. More suitable for people who cycle regularly (or for people who cycle only occasionally and don’t mind getting off to push up a hill!)

Experienced:  Cycle tours in hilly terrain with some steeper and longer ascents. Suitable for the experienced cyclist. (Not applicable in Holland!)

Challenging: Cycle tours for fit and dedicated cycling experts in mountainous terrain with a change of ascents and downhill stretches including some exhausting stages. (Certainly not something you’ll encounter in Holland – but it makes us all appreciate how wonderfully gentle the cycling is in the Low Countries!)

Are the cycle tours appropriate for families with children?

There's loads for children to discover in Holland and they are most welcome. Some of our bike tours with shorter daily routes or broken up into short cycling stretches are very suitable for families. Child bikes, child seats, trailers and trailer-bikes are all available for rent. If you would like more information about tour levels and bike facilities available to accommodate your party, please get in touch.     

Do I have to have a certain level of fitness?

Anyone in good general health can get on a bike and enjoy it in the Netherlands. The stories are all true - our country is mostly flat!

Is it possible to book a tailor-made tour, with my own itinerary?

We offer a great range and real variety of routes all over Holland. Regrettably, because of the logistics of organising luggage transfers and rental bikes, we are unable to offer a totally bespoke tour service following your own specific route. However, extra nights are bookable in every city featured in our itineraries to give that little extra flexibility should you require it. If you're not sure which tour is the best for you, please just contact us and we'll be pleased to help.

Will my rental bike be insured?

If a rental bike is stolen or damaged in any way, we hold the client responsible. If your personal insurance policy does not cover for this eventuality, then you would face having to meet the costs incurred directly yourself. We offer insurance cover against the theft of your rental bicycle for EUR 3.- per day per bicycle / EUR 6.- for per day for an e-bike.

Do I have to wear a cycle helmet?

Bike helmets are not compulsory in the Netherlands, but we do recommend that you wear one to ensure your maximum safety. Please note however that we do not rent out cycle helmets.

What can I do if I have a bicycle 'breakdown'?

We ask you to bring your own puncture kit with you, just in case you have to fix a flat tyre. For minor repairs, you can turn to a cycle repair shop - don't worry there are plenty of these around as the Dutch love their bikes! For anything more significant, please call the service hotline number provided. This will be in your travel documents.

What is the Bike Breakdown Pass / Emergency Service?

Mile after wonderful mile of untroubled cycling is what we wish for our clients, however on rare occasions there just might be a breakdown along the way. If the thought of a breakdown is going to be a worry to you, then our 'Bike Breakdown Pass' (bicycle breakdown assistance insurance policy) may give you the peace of mind you need. If you purchase this insurance in advance of your trip from our partner FietsNED, the service provided by them is as follows:
  • Costs - €2,50 per bicycle per day.
  • If your bike breaks down by the roadside, a FietsNED cycle repair-man will drive to you in his repair van and fix your bike, so you can continue your tour. 
  • If you are renting a bicycle through Holland-by-Bike, then any new parts are at our expense.
  • If you're using your own bike, you will be charged for any new spare parts your bike may require.
  • If it turns out that the bicycle cannot be repaired on the spot, or if you do not wish to continue cycling, the repairman will drop you off somewhere in his van. One companion, plus your bikes, may join you in the van.

Can I book the tour without the luggage transfers?

If you wish to cycle with all your luggage from hotel to hotel, you can opt out of the luggage transfer package at the time of booking. You will receive a discount for this.

If the tour includes a local ferry crossing at some point, do I have to carry my luggage myself ?

No, our service includes luggage transportation throughout your whole tour, local ferries included.

What happens if I have to cancel my booking?

If your booking has to be cancelled, please send us an email. We have to charge the following cancellation costs:
more than 84 days before the date of departure 10 %
84 to 42 days before the date of departure 30 %
42 to 28 days before the date of departure 60 %
28 days to 1 day before the date of departure 90 %
On the date of departure or later 100 %
always in % of the agreed travel sum.