About us

Holland-by-Bike are specialists in bike and boat holidays and self-guided cycle tours in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Why? Because we’re keen to share the hidden beauty of the countryside and the modern and cultural places of interest in these small countries.

But even though we simply adore Holland’s flat landscapes of lush pastures speckled with Frisian cattle, we’re not really into ’talking about little cows and calves’. ‘Small talk’ as you’d say, just isn’t our style, so let’s try to introduce ourselves another way.

Who we are

Well, first and foremost at Holland-by-Bike, we’re Dutchmen (and Dutchwomen) and we’re based in Enschede. That’s east. Nearly Germany.

But we love Holland to bits. And what’s more, we really do know the most beautiful bits.

We love cycling too. (Actually, that’s tricky. We’re not sure which one we love more - Holland or cycling in Holland!)
Getting out on the waterways is at the top of our ‘I’m lovin’ it’ list too. (Hmmm...)

Ok, as Dutchmen (and Dutchwomen), we also have to admit to liking cheese (though perhaps not to each consuming the apparent average of 14.3 Kg of the stuff per year). The liquorice is good here too, but the salted version can be an acquired taste – try it, you’ll see what we mean. Some of us have a sweet fondness for syrup waffles and of course, we all think windmills are what makes the world go round!

What we love about Holland

Everything. But particularly the variety of the landscape and the way that everywhere is so easily accessible by bike or by boat – or both.

We could be precious about our golden beaches, our emerald polders, the Frisian lakes which glint like diamonds or even ‘Silver City’, Schoonhoven, but we’re set on sharing, because it’s so easy to enjoy and appreciate them in an appropriate and sustainable way – by pedal power.

In Holland, ‘Bike is Right’ – it’s a different mind-set and it makes getting out and about on two wheels a way of life for us. It’s a pleasure to share this with any visitors.

What we do

We organise cycling and boating holidays and ‘Fietsvakanties’ cycling short breaks, mainly for individuals who fancy a gently active holiday.  

Holland-by-Bike has a German parent company which has offered activity holidays featuring traditional sailing ships and bike and boat breaks for more than 30 years now. This long-term experience is also brought to our Dutch holiday programmes.  

We specialise in what we do and are masters of our trade - or as we say in Dutch, we’ve got everything ‘under the knee’. That seems somehow more fitting for cycling holidays than having everything ‘in hand’. Either way, our customers appreciate our knowledge and our service, and many come back for more.

In a nutshell:

  • We offer a good range of tried and tested active holiday experiences with start points which are accessible by public transport.
  • We share cycling and boating routes which are interesting and inspiring, grading them so you can choose what is right for you and your accompanying family and friends.
  • We enable you to travel light by transferring your luggage from hotel to hotel for you on your cycling holiday. There’s a ‘breakdown’ service hotline too, so you can relax and enjoy with real peace of mind.
  • We hire great bikes, but we don’t mind if you prefer to bring your own.
  • We like our boats to be comfy and ‘gezellig’, and for our guests to feel at home, whether they’re staying on board or in one of our especially selected bike-friendly hotels.
  • We love speaking English and welcoming visitors. That’s also true of a large percentage of the Dutch population, including (fortunately) most bike repair men. So you’ll receive a welcome you can understand when you’re on your travels with us.
  • We have real expertise to share. Please just ask – we’re very happy to help.

Why book with Holland-by-Bike?

Well, we hope you’ll think that all of the above are pretty good reasons. Above all though, we don’t big things up – and that includes our prices.

We’re passionate and knowledgeable, but straight talking - and proud to offer best prices, guaranteed.